Bring water! – James Brown’s collapses as he holds candle night for late godmother, Queen Elizabeth II [Video]

Popular crossdresser, James Brown has held a candle night for the deceased British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Recall that the Queen had passed away on September 8, stirring a whirlwind of grief that swept across nations of the world.

Reacting to the news of her death at age 96, James first took to his social media page and shared a video of himself where he was rolling on the floor.

In another video posted online, he and some friends were donned in black and continued mourning the Queen.

However, halfway into their act, James Brown seemingly passed out and his friends immediately became scared.

They could be seen trying to revive him while asking someone behind the camera to get water so that it can be poured on him.

Meanwhile, he had earlier paid tribute to the monarch in an Instagram post which read;

“My heart is bleeding 💔💔💔 I can’t believe the woman I look up to is gone. It’s painful that the woman I look up to and admire, the woman of Grace and Principles has left me in this wicked world. I’ll deeply miss you my GOD MOTHER QUEEN ELIZABETH THE 8th”.


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