#BBNaijaS7: Sheggz apologizes to Chomzy over Bella’s nasty behavior [Video]

#BBNaijaS7: Sheggz apologizes to Chomzy over Bella’s nasty behavior [Video]

BBNaija’s ‘Level Up’ housemate, Sheggz, has played the role of an intermediary between his love interest, Bella and her best friend, Chomzy.

Last night, the BFF got into a little fight when Chomzy aired her displeasure about being referred to as a ‘play girl’. *

Chomzy currently has a triangular love life as she has feelings for Eloswag and Groovy, which her co-housemates are aware of.

Because of her indecisiveness, Level One housemates tagged her as a playgirl which didn’t sit well with her.

Bella, who wasn’t having her make a big deal of the joke, hurled insults at her.

Bella called her stupid for her child-like attitude.

However, this didn’t sit well with her boyfriend, Sheggz, who called her to order.

Bella said she felt bad about her attitude as she acknowledged that she has a ‘sharp mouth’.

She told Sheggz to always call her to order when she goes out of line.

Sheggz: U’re so beautiful. I luv d way u carry urself with so much confidence. I also like that u cook for me, that jollof rice was tasty. But u were wrong with Chomzy.

Bella: Yh, I shouldn’t ve called her stupid

Bella: My mouth is too sharp…. I shouldn’t have called her stupid…..

Bella: When I do that, call me to order

Playing the role of a mediator, Sheggz called Chomzy aside to iron issues with her.

He made her know that Bella has realize her wrongs and would apologize to her.

Sheggz: You know Bella loves you. She is really sorry and she will come and talk to you, I apologize on her behalf.

Chomzy: OK. No problem


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