Bbnaija: Netizens React As Sheggz revealed that Big Brother Knows Him Outside Of The House

Sheggz, Big Brother Naija ‘Level Up’ housemate, on Tuesday 30th aug, ranted about being punished by Biggie despite knowing who he is outside the reality show.

Sheggz who on numerous occasions has bragged about being a rich kid with a father so influential that a street was named after him in Lagos.

He recently called out Big Brother for making him dress like a clown as his punishment for being the tail of the house.

The UK-based footballer was given the title together with Allysyn on Monday after they both performed poorly during the Head of House game. As part of their reward/punishment, Biggie supply a bucket items for housemates to use in styling them to look ridiculous throughout the week.

He wore a clown wig on Tuesday and his love interest, Bella asked if it is amont the items he is supposed to put on. Sheggz answered in the affirmative and started complainig about why the production team allowed him to wear it even as they know who he is. Bella who was not comfortable with him making such arrogant statement told him to end the conversation, but it already got the attention of fans who then took to social media to react.

In reaction, shes__prosperous said; If he’s feeling too big, he shouldn’t be on the show then

celebrities__news_; This Yoruba boy think biggy is joking 😂

deedaiy; So na connection he use enter 😂

kswissluxuryhair; Now understand better. BBN is all about connection

officialvanny; When people say he talks too much his fans will still be defending. Sometimes just zip your mouth small.

dorcas_the_greatest; Why you come Biggie house when you’re too much??!

christydcollections; U and this ur personality 😂😂😂 dude is too proud and talks too much 🤣

chinenyeokoye; 😂😂😂 as per special housemate with connections😂

adorable_bee; 😂😂😂😂 Bella sef say you are still wearing shoe on top 😂😂😂

rashkaddi; Man yarn dust alot😂

timipre_official; Na wetin fit am, biggie give am😂😂

kukiyueini; Can you imagine .. 😂😂

raymond_jnr; Who be this guy now? This guy big pass the show or what?

joan_onig; E fit say na him papa get big brother house 😂if he cannot do it he should take a voluntary exit simple!!👏


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