Bbnaija: Adekunle Gives Shocking Revelation of What Sheggz Allegedly Told Him about Bella

Adekunle told some of his fellow housemates that Sheggz complained to him about Bella, that she gets on his nerve most times, and he is tired.

He made this known after the airtel task in the Bbnaija house last night.

Meanwhile, Chomzy advised Adekunle not to involve himself in their issues.

Watch the VIDEO below:

Also, Fans of the show have called out Sheggz for being manipulative after fight with Bella.

The couple engaged in a brief argum£nt over their relationship yesterday, in which Bella asked Sheggz to stop shutting her up.

She said, “Am I not supposed to have a voice line in this relationship? You are shutting me up. Stop doing that! I feel like I have been a mumu for a long time”

The two made up after their argum£nt.

This afternoon, they both had another argum£nt while eating together.

During their argum£nt, sheggz said, “Lower your voice when you’re talking to me. Lower your voice, fam. “Act like the graduate that you are not like you’re walking around the streets of Lagos.”

His choices of words didn’t go down well with some viewers on Twitter.

@igboquin wrote, “Sheggz will constantly find fault with Bella, make her apologize, [email protected] her & remind her of marriage & beautiful kids. Talk about himself half of their conversation. Then they will kiss & cuddle.Then their fans will aww.

Another Tweep @Softyetfirm wrote,Segun is one hell of a character we haven’t witnessed in the history of #BBNaija Never ever have I seen someone who is so self-absorbed, eg0istic and closed minded. He loves demanding respect from Bella, but hardly ever gives it to her.”

Anyone admiring this shella ship is completely delus!onal cos it just shows that Bella is inside serious [email protected] , this sheggz guy just keeps pushing her and pushing her into her shell and he’s even [email protected] sef, @odafe_ wrote.

@_Her_Eminence_ also tweeted, “Not sheggz telling Bella to act like she graduated and not like she’s on the street…. Who is this human be!ng? I don’t really like Bella (because of Sheggz tho), but she deserves more


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