“As A Christian I Don’t Believe In Dating”– Actress Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals

“As A Christian I Don’t Believe In Dating”– Actress Chioma Ifemeludike Reveals

Popular actress Chioma Ifemeludike has avowed that she would never be caught engaging in any form of sexual relationship outside marriage.

The actress had in 2021 publicly confessed to sleeping with Apostle Suleman Johnson for money, an allegation the man of God denied.

However, a few months after the confession, Ifemeludike, and her fiancé parted ways citing irreconcilable differences.

The Thespian maintained that she is looking forward to having a beautiful experience with someone else, but no sex until marriage.

“Yes, I am single and looking forward to a new relationship but I am not searching. I am also praying that this time it would be something worth it. Because as a Christian I don’t believe in dating. I don’t approve of it anymore. I don’t approve of fornication or sexual relationship outside marriage

My next relationship has to be a courtship. I am looking forward to having that beautiful experience with someone who is in the same spiritual level as me, meet up with my expectations and also be the will of God for me.”

” However, I still want to take some time to reflect on my personal life, goals and objectives. Sometimes it is good to be alone. Do some amendment on yourself before moving to the next partner. I am strong willed woman. When I tell myself I want to this I always go for it.” She Said.


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