“And that’s how she went to church, it was indeed her last goodbye”-Bovi shares story of one of the victims of the Owo massacre

“And that’s how she went to church, it was indeed her last goodbye”-Bovi shares story of one of the victims of the Owo massacre

Nigerian comedian and actor, Bovi Ugboma has shared a heartbreaking story of one of the dead victims of the Owo church massacre.

Recall that on on Sunday, June 6th that many worshippers were feared dead with several injured after suspected terrorists attacked St Francis Catholic Church in Owo, the headquarters of Owo Local Government Area of Ondo State.

Multiple online videos captured the gruesome death of the victims who died in the church.

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, Bovi Ugboma revealed that the deceased named, Jumoke had her last conversation with her bestfriend, Tinuke before she met her untimely death.

According to the comedian, Tinuke had called Jumoke to share the good news of her application to study abroad.

From the chat, they were both students of Nigeria universities but owing to the fact of ASUU strike, Tinuke was tired of having her education been interrupted and sort for a better education system overseas.

After they had their conversation, they bid themselves goodbye without knowing that would be their last conversation.

Jumoke’s mum had shortened their call when she asked her to get prepared for Sunday Service where they all met their untimely death.

“Jumoke had been home for months due to the Asuu strike. That Sunday morning, she got a call from her best friend and classmate, Tinuke “My application has been accepted. I’m going to study history in America”, Tinuke screamed through the pores of Jumoke’s Airpods. First she smiled, then she froze then smiled again, then let out an abrupt laughter of appreciation laced with doubt, loneliness, sadness, and every other damp emotion her body could conjure. “You don’t seem happy for me”, Tinuke searched. “No no no I am. It’s just…Tinu I miss you already plus I’m sure the strike will soon be over. Why travel to start again? By the time you’re graduating, I would have worked for 3 years already. This was Jumoke’s last ditch efforts to convince Tinuke to abandon her plans to abandon school in Nigeria and start all over again abroad.

My darling, three months ago you said this strike will not last. Here we are. If it was pregnancy, the first trimester is over. Do you know out friends who are in private unis have graduated? They’re now our seniors. My dear, the system is faulty. Let me go to where my timetable will not be altered by strike. It’s better to start again. This country is serving us repeated breakfast and we are still young. You should be thinking of joining me”. This was Tinuke’a corner pitch.

The girls would go on to laugh, gist and cry and laugh again! Their call seemed endless until Jumoke’s mom barged into room and yelled with an unmistakable Yoruba accent “get ready for church. I don’t want to hear any excuses today. We must go to church. You need prayers, your family needs prayers. Your country needs prayers!”. She left leaving Jumoke’s room door ajah as a sign to let her know she was expected outside in few minutes.

Jumoke sighed deeply. An eerie silence screamed between the two of them. “You have to go yeah”, Tinuke offered.

I’m tired Tinuke. I guess this is goodbye”.

Goodbye Jumoke. I love you”

Goodbye Tinuke. I will always love you”

And that’s how Jumoke went to church, it was indeed her last goodbye”.


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