Actress Uche Elendu throws weight behind Mercy Chinwo knocks Obieze over ‘unsolicited’ over marriage advice

Veteran actress Uche Elendu has thrown her weight behind gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo against a Facebook critic who warned the actress against showing off her marriage on social media.

The critic identifed as Obieze asked Mercy’s colleague and adopted mother Chioma Jesus to advise the singer to “slow down on the social media show off for now,” adding that not everyone is happy with her marriage.

Uche who seems offended by the statement Uche took to Instagram to accuse Obieze of being jealous over Mercy’s success. In Obieze’s words:

“Dear Chioma Jesus, you’re Mercy Chinwo’s spiritual mother. I want you to advice her to slow down on the social media show off for now. I know she’s still new in the marriage lifestyle so the thing will be shacking her like pamy. She has been almost all over the place ever since she got married I understand that feeling too although I’m still single.”

Uche Elendu retorted:“Imagine this nonsense. Jealousy written all over this post.”

Feeling unsatisfied with her comment, the 39-year-old took to her Instagram story, saying she has had enough of the narrative that Christians should not live a flamboyant lifestyle or enjoy the good things of life. She wrote:

“Enough of the narrative that Christians should not live a flamboyant life style, or enjoy the good things of life, Enough of the narrative that.

“Being a Christian means you should look poor and not enjoy your life. Enough of glorifying the devil, making the young one’s feel that wealth comes from the Devil, thereby engaging in nefarious rituals just to get rich, Enough of attributing EVERY pastors wealth to tithes and offering, Born Again Christians should show off on social media too. Let the world know that All good things come from God, Wealth is our heritage. Eccl 5 vs 19. Yall rest Abeg! It is part of Evangelism.”


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