Yul Edochie Draged through the Mud for Involving Their Teenage Daughter in the Marital Crisis

Yul Edochie Draged through the Mud for Involving Their Teenage Daughter in the Marital Crisis

On the verge of seeking validations from internet users, nollywood Actor Yul Edochie is presently receiving knocks for involving her daughter in the ongoing marital crisis.

Mid last month, Yul Edochie was exposed for impregnating another woman and marrying the woman without his wife’s consent.

After being thrown in the mud by his wife who exposed him for posting an old video of them in a bid to deceive the public that they are at peace, Yul Edochie in desperation for a public approval for his political ambition, went on to share a photo of his teenage daughter.

The action earned him a backlash from his fans and followers on social media.

Elvin Ekah responded saying;

“In few years to come you go surprise how much dis your daughter go change towards you, you go come di wander wether na her mamma put hatred for you inside her, NO. Children NEVER FORGET the pain… you cause their mother no matter how much you later reconcile with them. Time will tell better.”

One Milicent wrote;

“Why not leave d innocent kids outta ur vanity. As if they are on such page with u at d moment”

As if the dragging wasn’t enough, he went on to post a photo of his three boys, which further infuriated Nigerians.

Jovi wrote;

“Leave the kids out of this una mad.ness. Protect them from online and offline bullying.”

LSD wrote;

“Either you don’t have a good publicist or you dont have one at all. You need to own up to your mistake, accept you erred and sincerely apologise. You cheated on your wife and unfortunately for you the side chic got pregnant. Stop making it look like you always wanted a second wife and it’s not a big deal! No! You erred! Be humble about it and apologise to your family and fans who use to hold you in high esteem! No one is perfect am sure you will be forgiven! Stop validating your action!”


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