“We’re Winning, if You’re Insecure About It, “Choke On It” – Rema Blows Hot

“We’re Winning, if You’re Insecure About It, “Choke On It” – Rema Blows Hot

Nigerian artiste Rema has admonished his fans asking them never to start an agenda that has to do with bringing down his brother OG saying he doesn’t want any social media drama.

Rema cautions his fans about inciting a fight between him and OG stating that he permits them to have his back in any ploy curated to put dirt on his name and his hard work but never start an agenda because it’s disrespectful to him.

However , he stated that he just wants to play his part in history, stack up, and take care of his family hence he doesn’t need any unnecessary social media drama that will drag him back and forth in the industry.

Concluding that he’s winning and that’s enough for him and so must it be for his fans but if some people are insecure about his success they can choke on it because whoever God has blessed, no man can curse and they have nothing to worry about.

The Afro beat singer then thanked OG’s for inspiring him in different ways thanking them for what they have done and are doing for Afro beat assuring them that the respect and love he has for them will remain unshaken.

Deducing from what the fast-rising is stating he doesn’t want or better still trying to shy away from internet fights and misunderstanding, the singer is staking claims  and making his point known to fans as he doesn’t want to upsurge any internet drama.

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