Timmy Otukoya – “Phoenix EP” + OG VIDEO

Timmy Otukoya – “Phoenix EP” + OG VIDEO

Timmy Otukoya finally releases Phoenix EP + OG VIDEO

The. Afrogalipso and afrobeats musician Timmy Otukoya has released the much anticipated EP “Phoenix“, which has been highly expected by fans worldwide. Phoenix signifies rebirth, originality, and transformation, and for Timmy it means being original, authentic and pride in ones achievements and success. Many in the industry refer to Phoenix as a fresh wave in Afrobeats music and Afrogalipso.

Phoenix EP was produced by Marshall Media Production Studio in Cape Town South Africa and includes 8 tracks namely Matter, Supernatural, Only You, Money, O.G, Follow me, Same Spot and a bonus track Dance featuring Fola.

These tracks are already in great demand from fans, who are scouring the internet to get the first glimpse of what the tracks sound like. Responses like these are contributing factors to the success of the single Money. and it continued throughout on EP – Phoenix.

Phoenix promises to amaze the listeners and is an EP for everyone from different walks of life and speaks to any mood or moment that life presents. Timmy, who calls his style of music Afrogalipso, describes it as the fusion of different sounds into Afrobeats and is inspired by Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, Evil Edna Ogholi, Ebenezer Obey and 2face.

The EP is available on all digital music platforms and Visuals from the Phoenix is also available on YouTube and currently playing on TV stations.

Enjoy Phoenix EP and share the love…


Watch the Official Music Video for O.G, performed by Timmy Otukoya below

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