Tems Reveals How She Felt When Drake Sent Her a Message for a Collabo

Tems Reveals How She Felt When Drake Sent Her a Message for a Collabo

Tems has once again provided insight on her meeting with rap superstar Drake during a recent interview on COOL FM.

This is on the heels of a Question and Answer session she previously had with her fans who curiously wanted to know how it went down after a photo and video surfaced online days ago which encapsulated the moment she hanged out with Drake in his mansion and proceeded to dine with him.

Here’s how that conversation went between the interviewer and Tems:

Did the collaboration with Drake happen before or after COVID?

My collaboration with Drake started before COVID and then it really happened after COVID.

How did it happen?

Wow, I’m spilling the tea? I do like tea. I got a message from him and he was like, ‘Yo, you’re crazy. I would defs love to link up’. Then we got in touch and we just kept in touch until I was in the States for a bit. There we linked up, did the feature.

I know you like Drake so when he reached out, did you have a proper fan girl moment or were you calm?

When he reached out, I was shocked. I was like ‘Ah ah, is this a joke? Am I really seeing a message here?’ like what? But when I actually met him, it was vibes. I’m usually like one way, like even when I’m excited it doesn’t come out as excited.

Like even now, I’m excited but I probably don’t sound excited so I was just myself. He’s really cool, he’s really funny. I just don’t know how else to be.


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