Skit makers, Twinz Love reveal dad who abandoned them as babies wants to reunite [Video]

Skit makers, Twinz Love, have revealed that their father is interested in becoming part of their lives after years of abandoning them.

The sisters who are known as Moyin and Doyin took to their TikTok account to share their story as they said he left the with their mother because he did not want twins.

They shared before vs after photos of themselves, when things were rough in the past and their current enjoyable life as successful skit-makers.

It may be gathered that Twinz Love acquired a house few months ago and had showed it off via their Instagram page.

However, now their dad who had wanted their mum to get rid of them is now inkling to reunite with his family.

During an interview with BBC News Pidgin, the mother narrated how her husband wanted her to drop them by the roadside when they were just babies.

He told her to drop the babies on the road after they were rejected at an orphanage home. The woman did as directed but changed her mind and ran back to carry them. Sadly he disappeared from home that day.

In the video-reel the twins posted to remember how far they’ve come, they showed images of their early years with their mum who single-handedly raised them.

The post was captioned; ‘‘He left us because he does not want twins. Now he wants us back.”


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