“She may be bright”-Reaction as a Professor Of Oxford Referred To Dj Cuppy As A “SCHOLAR”

“She may be bright”-Reaction as a Professor Of Oxford Referred To Dj Cuppy As A “SCHOLAR”

Billionaire heiress cum disc jockey, DJ Cuppy is currently a student at Oxford University and most people think she went in because of her father’s money and not because she’s intelligent and got access to further her education there on her own.

Some netizens have reacted sarcastically to a post of DJ Cuppy’s professor tagging her as a scholar claiming she has settled him with some money for him to praise her.

Yesterday was their matriculation and right after that one of the professors posted DJ Cuppy on Twitter referring to her as a scholar and some netizens seem not to understand why a professor will post his student who just did matriculation and tag her a student.

Hence reacting to that, some netizens dragged DJ Cuppy and her professor saying she has settled him with some cash and that is why he saw the need to praise her on social media because there’s no explanation to that

Others were talking about how good it is to have money because they think things are being easy for DJ Cuppy in Oxford to the extent that her professor will tag her and call her a scholar all because of money and not her brains or hard work.

But these people seem to forget that DJ Cuppy despite enjoying her father’s money is also working really hard on her own and trying to build her own empire but guess all that isn’t seen because of her father’s wealth.


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