Read The Origin Story Behind Asake’s ‘Joha’ Song Here

While we bump to records off Asake’s new album and the compelling Joha, the plot thickens as it turns out there’s more to the record than meets the ears. Find out the true story behind Asake’s Joha here.

Asake Joha

As music lovers in Nigeria and beyond continue to enjoy Asake’s debut album, Mr Money With The Vibe, the project develops a poetic arc revolving around the backstory of the seventh track, Joha.

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A heady dance tune which sees Asake lean heavily into his unique fusion of Fuji and Afrobeats, it turns out Joha is several years old and according to Culture Custodian, is a song Asake had recorded way back during his time at the Obafemi Awolowo University, where he studied Theatre Arts. Titled “Joo Haa” on what is clearly the record’s former cover art, the song dates back to 5 years ago when Asake performed with the name, Medoo. Interestingly, the older version of the song is no longer available on any online platforms meanwhile back then, it had an accompanying dance routine.

As it stands, Joha’s success is not Asake’s win alone and would serve as a crowning moment for OAU students who rocked with the older version and with the star before the fame. It however seems some of these OAU alumnus and fans are unsatisfied with the current version and are calling for the release of the initial record. Presently, Joha by Asake is on the third position on Apple Music’s Top 100 Nigeria chart.

Watch Asake perform the older version of Joha here:

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