Reactions As Rapper Eva Aloridah Takes Up the Role of Relationship Expert

Reactions As Rapper Eva Aloridah Takes Up the Role of Relationship Expert

Rapper Eva Alordiah has taken the role of a life coach as she urges women to fix their crowns and be the queen.

Eva Alordiah trumpeted her stance stating that a woman deserves better than just the p*nis of a man in a relationship although she admits that the male s*x organ is good for the woman.

She explained in the absence of self-awareness, the ‘manhood’ of a man can put you in a ‘d!ckhold, rendering you powerless, needy, forgetful of your true nature, and blind to your God-given purpose.

Her post triggered a lot of reactions from Instagram users and 95% of them maligned with her thoughts. They also alluded to the fact that it applies to men also.

Check out some reactions from Instagram users below;

NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. There’s more to life than just nacking a glorious preek. However we believe in not just nacking BUT quality, sweet, tatatatata kind of nacks that will leave an imprint in your head. My dear, those who love preek are NOT complaining ma.


People would come for her now but she’s speaking facts and same goes to guys, it’s not all about the pu***y, making money is much important


What if that dick gangan is the reason y I started the relationship??

Our priorities are different


Lol, ndi Queen and more, you deserve more than a man’s private part if only you also offer more than your private part.

Majority seems to agree with the popular rapper as they seem to be buying her idea.


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