Nkechi Blessing Celebrates Mom’s Posthumous Birthday, Requests a Word of Prayer from Fans

Nkechi Blessing Celebrates Mom’s Posthumous Birthday, Requests a Word of Prayer from Fans

Nigerian Actress Nkechi Blessing has made most of us emotional and teary as she celebrates her mother’s birthday today saying goodbye to her in a sad and sorrowful way.

She was hit by the bad news of her mother’s death 5 days ago and the sadness in her heart and eyes are evident in all the tribute she wrote for her mother in the past and today being her birthday, has decided to celebrate her.

Nkechi Blessing shared a video to celebrate her mother’s birthday and it’s just sad and heartbroken to watch as she says goodbye to her consoling herself with the fact that she’s at a better place now.

The bereaved actress then asked her fans and loved ones to say a prayer for her and her mother as she celebrates her today with a heavy heart since all she planned to do for her on her birthday aren’t going to take place because she’s no more.

The actress has gone ahead to delete all her Instagram posts except two of them that she’s using to celebrate her mother’s birthday and we pray for the strength she can use to pull through this because it’s really hard especially since today is her birthday.

However Nkechi Blessing penned down an emotional tribute for her mother as she recounts how she has been working day and night to ensure her mother does not beg for food.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Nkechi Blessing said if doctors had requested money to keep her mother, she would have begged the world to help her.

However, her mother only complained of stomach aches, and the next thing was death. Nkechi Bless, who is still in denial of the sad incident, wondered how she would face the world with her mother.

According to Nkechi Blessing, she had built a house for her mother as a surprise birthday gift, but sadly she left without seeing it.


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