Nigerians Are Mostly the Perpetrators of Their Own Oppression – Seun Kuti

Nigerians Are Mostly the Perpetrators of Their Own Oppression - Seun Kuti | WATCH

Nigerian afrobeats singer and political activist, Seun Kuti has stated that Nigerians complain a lot about oppression against them, of which they are the biggest perpetrators.

The singer revealed this on the Rubbin Minds show with Ebuka on Sunday, the 27th of June 2021.

Ebuka asking him what he thinks Nigerians should do to make government accountable.

Replying him, Seun Kuti said Nigerians have to shed the spirit of their oppressor, and stop mimicking them.

He explained that Nigerians have oppressed each of other in different sectors of the society.

Seun concluded by saying majority of the oppression that Nigerians feel as a people are perpetrated by themselves.

He says;

In Nigeria, we as Motherland people, we need to shed the spirit of the oppressor. It is not a very easy thing to do because it takes a lot of self-reflection and some people end with self-doubt and they don’t want to linger there. Because it takes a lot of energy to power through that doubt to get to clarity. We are all educated by our oppressors. They set themselves as examples of the society. So,we find ourselves, even though we’re oppressed, mimicking the oppressors, There’s no way in Nigeria today, our money can be laundered without the assistance of our bankers. There’s no way people’s homes can be displaced without the help of civil servants. There’s no way people can be abused on the streets without the help of policemen and military men. There’s no way our educational sector can be destroyed without the help and connivance of our lecturers and vice-chancellors. So, majority of the oppression that we feel as a people is actually perpetrated by us, on behalf of the oppressor. We so believe in the spirit, and we think if we just keep our head down, and we don’t say anything, one day, we’ll also become an oppressor. So, everybody is kind of an oppressor in waiting.

Apart from calling Nigerians out on their self-oppression, Seun Kuti has also been in the news recently after his spat with the popular Wizkid FC fanbase.

After saying that only 4 artists from Nigeria have ever been nominated for the Grammys, they have been on his case.


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