Muslim Group Vows To Deal With Odunlade Adekola Over His New Movie

Muslim Group Vows To Deal With Odunlade Adekola Over His New Movie

Muslim Association in Nigeria, Taawunu Human Rights of Nigeria (THURIST) has vowed to deal with Odunlade Adekola, a popular Nollywood Actor, after one of his new movies seems to have angered the Islamic group.

According to the reports, the group claimed that Odunlade Adekola has committed a blasphemous act against the Muslim religion.

The Muslim association also stated that Odunlade Adekola dented the image of Muslim women and the hijab in his new movie that was titled “Iku Ni” (Death).

However, on the 11th of October the group issued a warning and a seven days Ultimatum to Odunlade Adekola to apologize to the Muslim Community in Nigeria and also stop anything that has to do with the promotion of the movie. Otherwise, the group threatens and vowed to take a step that might be a big blow to the actor.

Regarding this, we have made a list of two vital things that must/should be noted as Taawunu Human Rights of Nigeria (THURIST) vows to deal with Odunlade Adekola.

One of the important things that shouldn’t be forgotten is the ultimatum that has been issued by the Muslim association to Odunlade Adekola. Without further ado, the famous actor should try to do all he has been asked to do to avert any kind of conflict and misunderstanding that might surge from this issue.


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