Mercy Eke Scorns Troll Who Wants Her Income Investigated

Mercy Eke Scorns Troll Who Wants Her Income Investigated

Famous BBNaija star Mercy Eke has responded to a curious man who wants her income to be investigated looking at how she’s spending and no one knows her actual source of income.

Mercy Eke allegedly spent N1.8M on her birthday dresses yesterday and threw a lavish birthday party for herself and also bought a house as a birthday gift and this curious man wants to k ow the source of her income or where she got all the money to afford all that.

According to the man, in Saner clime, Mercy Eke‘s Financials will be investigated but this is Nigeria where anything goes hence no one is bothered about how a reality star became so rich after influencing a couple of brands and no one knows what exactly she does to have such a lifestyle.

Mercy Eke responding to the man asked whether her lavish lifestyle has choked him and her finances have choked him as well that he decided to take it to social media and voice it out making it sound funny that someone is curious about her wealth.

Notwithstanding  Mercy Eke‘s finances need to be audited because looking at her lavish lifestyle she must be very rich to be able to maintain all those except it all just for the gram and audio but not real as we think on social media.

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