Mercy Aigbe in Real Life Vs on Instagram, Spot the Difference

Mercy Aigbe in Real Life Vs on Instagram, Spot the Difference

The Mercy Aigbe in real life as per the photo circulating online isn’t that fair in complexion as compared to her photos on Instagram and even though she’s beautiful in real life, it can never be compared to her beauty on Instagram.

If these photos of Mercy Aigbe are indeed true then it’s obvious most of our female celebrities have been lying to us about how beautiful and elegant they look making others go through a lot just to look perfect like them in real life.

Mercy Aigbe is indeed a spec as she said whether in real life or on Instagram but that doesn’t take away the fact that she has been lying to us all about have a perfect body and shape when it’s all the works of editing.

It will be best for individuals not to kill themselves in trying to have a perfect body as some of these celebrities online because most of them are all edited photos hence it will be best to live your life in happiness by loving yourself just the way you are.

Screenshot below;

Without wasting much time, Actress Mercy Aigbe has reacted to photos of her looking different in real life and on Instagram saying she’s a spec no matter the picture is portrayed.

The two pictures look as different as the Mercy Aigbe on Instagram is a very perfect lady who has her body in shape and looks so beautiful but the Mercy Aigbe in real life is a bit different as she has her tummy bloated.


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