Media Personality, VJ Adams Loses His IG Account

Media Personality, VJ Adams Loses His IG Account

Nigerian Media personality, VJ Adams has also joined the growing list of Nigerian celebrities who have lost their Instagram accounts in the last few days.

It was Earlier reported that music producer, Samklef recently ‘disappeared’ from same Instagram platform. While it is unclear if he deactivated or deleted his account, some known Nigerian personalities have lost their Instagram accounts over a policy change by the social media giant.

VJ Adams who has now confirmed that his account was disable, urged everyone to desist from doing business or liaising with any page with his name

In other news Celebrity Nigerian music video director, Unlimited LA seems to have conducted research on infidelity and has made some discoveries from the exercise.

Per his findings, Unlimited LA revealed on her Instagram page that guys who are not active on social media are the ones who cheat on their partners the most.

However, he claimed that despite his observation, Nigerians are not ready to have this discussion. As usual, a lot of social media users had something to say about it.


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