May Yul Edochie causes concern with her latest post amidst depression revelation

May Yul Edochie causes concern with her latest post amidst depression revelation

The estranged wife of Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has sparked reactions from her fans after revealing she was depressed some time ago.

This online news platform reported yesterday of how the mother of four opened up about her struggles with depression and how she overcame it.

May Yul Edochie made this revelation following accusations from netizens that she had been using her marital situation to make money out of her fans.

“I saw some few comments that May is using this to cash out and all of that and I am like okay, it’s fine, i am cashing out right.

I don’t wish this upon my enemies, if at all I have any. Depression is real and there are different stages to it. Rather than dwell on depression, I decided to pick up the pieces of a beautiful world that I had. An amazing one that suddenly crushed. I decided to pick up the pieces and move on, rather than dwell on depression.

It has not been easy. Am glad that I look happy and I appear strong. I am happy, I am glad that I am able to go out and do things. I am surprised at the things that I do. It’s all because of the love and support from my family and you all. These are the things that have kept me going. Honestly speaking people say I aspire and motivate them but the truth is it’s you guys that have inspired me”.

Sharing a new post on Instagram, May Yul Edochie shared encouraging words, stating when doubts arise about how far one can go, one would remember everything they have faced.

“Whenever you find yourself doubting how far can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fields you have overcome.”

Reacting to this post, Fans encourage May Yul Edochie to take heart as they will keep loving and cherishing her.

cynthiap1114: God be with you now and forever keep winning

precious.ijay: Beautiful, elegant, intelligent and vibrant queen keep staying strong Asa the Lord is your strength you will overcome every challenges that comes your way Udo

queenite: It is well you and you are very much loved

nne4real11: Always remember that so many of us love you genuinely.

jennydulcet: @mayyuledochie beautiful as always. Your strength is unimaginable. God will always be with you. Love you plenty


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