Kwam1, Elenu and Promoter Fight Dirty Over Breach of Contract

Kwam1, Elenu and Promoter Fight Dirty Over Breach of Contract

Fuji star Kwam1’s failure to perform in a show in the US has sparked an uproar as comedian, Babatunde Akinlami, popularly known as Elenu, has called out the popular fuji musician, for reportedly breaching their contract.

Elenu said that he contracted the singer through a promoter, Mike Fash of Orbit Entertainment, for a show in the United States of America which the singer did not show up for.

On his Instagram page, Elenu made a series of posts on the issue.

He wrote,

 “No time for a long story. Mike Fash, I paid you to deliver K1 De Ultimate for a performance in Atlanta on September 6, 2021. K1 didn’t show up with the dumb excuse that him and his crew need to vaccinated, which is not a requirement to travel as all you need is a negative COVID-19 test. Mike gave me two different sets of dates I agreed to in October but all were lies because you all could not secure visas.

“You and your artiste will pay back the money owed me. None of you will destroy my reputation in this city and hold on to my money.”

In his response, K 1 stated that the trip had not been cancelled but it was being delayed because of the inability to get visas for all the band members.

He wrote,

First, I would like to state here that I owe my fans across the globe a high level of respect. Hence, the need for my explanation. My band’s trip to the United States of America has not been cancelled. All that is necessary to make the trip a success were put in place— work permit, flight arrangements and other necessary things, except visas for members of the band.

“Surely, I am not in control of approving visas. I understand the agitation of many fans and music lovers but patience is required to get all these bottlenecks sorted out with regards to the applicable laws that permit entertainers to work in America.

“I will not join issues with persons or groups, other than those respected individuals and organisations that are dealing with us directly. Social media is free for everyone’s use but we are not deviating from the real issues because of some distractions.

“No form of hanky-panky played out concerning this issue as I collected no money from anybody. Orbit LLC is the main promoter, not me.”


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