Kiddwaya Wonders How He Squanders 2M In The Space Of Months

Kiddwaya Wonders How He Squanders 2M In The Space Of Months

Reality TV show star Kiddwaya has cried out as he wonders how he was able to squander 2M within the space of some time and now he’s left with 25k to complete the year.

Kiddwaya indirectly made us know that he spends 2M for the year and this year he has been able to spend almost all the money as he’s left with 25k but the year hasn’t ended and that surprises him a lot.

According to him, his budget for the year has finished and he’s wondering how 2M has been spent that there is only 25k left for him to manage this month and probably next month as well before the year ends.

Kiddwaya isn’t known to be doing a specific job hence we believe he’s just spending his father’s money but this post of his shows that he’s always on a budget every year but this year he didn’t watch his spending at all.

If we look at what he has been posting online, it’s not surprising that the money is finished earlier than he expected because some of the things really look expensive and might cost him more because he’s always in the company of others.


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