Jim Iyke Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment

Jim Iyke Reveals His Most Embarrassing Moment

Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke has opened up on the most embarrassing moment in his adult life ever since he started dating.

Jim Iyke is regarded among the lover boys of Nollywood owing to his charisma and the way of words he has with women that draws them towards him.

In an interview on Angel FM, the host of the program, Quophi Okyeame pushed Jim Iyke to the wall as he asked him some questions relating to his personal life.

Jim Iyke did not hesitate as he opened up to the flow of interaction.

Quophi Okyeame quizzed Jim Ike.” Hi Jim, what has been your most secret and Embarassing moment in life? ”

Jim Ike replied: ” Embarassing moment, do I have any in secret? well I have one and it happened in public”

Quophi Okyeame seemed enthused to hear about Jim Iyke’s story and said: ” Well, we will be happy to hear it”

Jim Ike said: ” Well, my most embarassing moment happened in Amsterdam. A 75 years old white woman who looks like 150 years approached me for a kiss in public”

” Actually i didn’t want to embarrass her so I gave her a peck on her cheeks. Before I Realized, she had grabbed my head and given me a full kiss with her tongue rolling in my mouth”

” I was so embarassed but I didn’t show anything. When I got home I had to paste with half of toothpaste to clean my mouth. Even with that, I still felt uncomfortable in there. It was a crazy piece of embarassment”


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