Jane Mena Gushes Over Her Beauty Amidst $3xtape Saga

Jane Mena Gushes Over Her Beauty Amidst $3xtape Saga

Popular Nigerian Dancer Jane Mena has woke up this morning trying to motivate herself amidst all this $3xtape Saga gushing over her beauty saying God rested after creating her.

Jane Mena has been dragged a lot on the net especially after a leaked audio and alleged video proving that she indeed had an extra marital affair with Prince Kpokpogri but was trying to cover it up with a lawsuit.

Anyone who goes through what she has been through will surely be depressed hence trying to motivate herself this morning by gushing over her beauty is just a way to curb her from being so depressed with all that is going on.

Jane Mena usually post on social media to indicate that she isn’t bothered with all that is going on bit as human, we know she might be worried and depressed and this current post of her gushing over her beauty trying to motivate herself shows she’s indeed going through a lot.

Jane Mena shared a photo of herself hailing her beauty saying God rested on Sunday creating her and came back to work on Monday which means God took his time to create her and that explains her beauty.

It’s a good thing she knows she’s beautiful and trying to motivate herself with that isn’t bad but as a married woman, if she indeed had extra marital affairs, she needs to accept and ask for forgiveness from her husband and never do that again.


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