I Was Already Fed Up In The House Before I Got Evicted- BBN Beatrice Spills

I Was Already Fed Up In The House Before I Got Evicted- BBN Beatrice Spills

Reality TV star Beatrice Nwaji has revealed she anxiously counted the hands of time in the order to exit the house days before she was evicted because she was fed up already.

She also revealed why she never allowed herself to fall into the trap of lust and sex that characterize the show in a new interview with the Punch. In her words;

To be honest, I was already tired of being there at the time I got evicted. Funny enough, when I told my mom I was going for Big Brother Naija, she was so excited and said I was going to win.

I told her I wasn’t interested in winning and that if I spend a week or two there, I would be happy. I would have preferred a woman to emerge as the winner because I am a woman. A woman winning is a win for all women.

Nwaji also opened up on why she didn’t have any intimate relationship like some others on the show.

She said,

I did not have an intimate relationship on BBNaija because I wanted a real one. I was still observing and didn’t feel a need to jump into one and faking it.

I wanted a platform to showcase myself with regards my fashion and modelling career and also have a ready audience to promote my other products and services.

As a matter of fact, I had to keep the news of my entry into the show, a secret, as required by the organisers. This got some of my friends, especially the influential ones, upset. I only told my mom.


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