“I Want To Cure Depression with my Comedy Skits “Skit-Maker Nasty Blaq

“I Want To Cure Depression with my Comedy Skits “Skit-Maker Nasty Blaq

Talented skit-maker and content creator, Abisi Ezechukwu popularly known as Nasty Blaq, has revealed why he is still creating comedy skits.

Sharing to his IG story, Nasty Blaq said sometimes he wonders why he still creates and churn out skits on social media, but he then he came to a realization that he wants to help people cure depression with laughter.

According to him, he is focused on curing depression and helping people alleviate their mood even though he can’t remove their pains completely.

Nasty Blaq wrote,

“Sometimes I don’t even know why I create skits anymore but I’m just focused on curing depression even if I can’t totally remove the pain I will do my best.

Laugh cos YOLO!”

In other news Nigerian Young lady becomes the talk of the day after sharing a photo of herself at her husband’s workplace with weed tagged to be work refreshment.

According to a Twitter user identified as Mrs. Zanga, handed an illegal substance, weed, to her husband at his workplace to serve as a refreshment for his hard work.

Sharing the photos, the young lady captioned it, “Visited my husband in his working site and i brought refreshment to the site.”

Her intent was followed by mixed reactions some of which condemned the illegality of the substance, while others applauded the gesture as an act of love.


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