I Expected Backlash and Attacks For Releasing A Song To Fight For Women –Simi

I Expected Backlash and Attacks For Releasing A Song To Fight For Women –Simi

Nigerian songstress and songwriter Simi has expressed her amazement at how Nigerians embraced her newest single titled ‘Woman’ that was released on October 15, 2021.

The versatile singer said he expected people to criticize and attack her for releasing a song that speaks about how women in the Nigerian society are being downplayed.

The song also condemns the custom of not giving women due credits for the incredible jobs they do and how culture made things hard for the female gender.

Simi, a mother of one, disclosed that she was uncomfortable about some negative ideas people have for women, which was why she used her sound to speak for them and correct those notions.

The ‘Joromi’ crooner added she doesn’t hate men, however, wants life to be better for her gender. In an Instagram Live session, Simi said;

“There were some ideas about women that were not very useful for women but I felt like it would be good to use my sound to speak out for my people (women).”

“The funny thing is that I expected more backlash and attacks after I dropped the song. But I am genuinely surprised that people are receptive to the song.

I think that people are more open to the discussions especially if one is privileged in life.

“I had an interview a few days ago, and the interviewer asked me “Do you hate men?” I replied that I don’t think I have ever said or done anything that insinuates that I hate men.

 I don’t have any reason to hate men. I simply want better things for women; I just want women to have what they deserve.”

 “I may not be able to change the world today or tomorrow, but I am hoping that it can be a part of the steps that we are going to take to (get to) that point.

 Obviously, things used to be worse than this, but thankfully we have more women now that are more outspoken than in the past.”

“I think it is hard to get acknowledgement as a woman, firstly some people do not even expect that one would be good.

 Some people question one’s talent compared to the male counterpart. But it is like as a woman, one is undermined and will have to work extra hard to get half the things that men have.


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