“I encountered a real-life demon’ -Funke Akindele’s stylist, Medlin Boss accused of sleeping with her best friend’s husband

“I encountered a real-life demon’ -Funke Akindele’s stylist, Medlin Boss accused of sleeping with her best friend’s husband

Actress, Funke Akindele’s stylist Medlin Boss has been called out for allegedly sleeping with her best friend’s husband, Nimi Nwofor.

Instagram blogger Ifeoma Fine girl disclosed the development on her Instagram page.

Also, in a post shared on Instagram, Nimi Nwofor said she encountered a real-life demon and devil incarnate that makes a person switch to a denial mood.

Nimi Nwofor said she and her family got shot by the evil arrow, and her son almost lost his life.

She further advised that people should be careful about those who they invite to their home, adding that a demon came to their home, but they were victorious.

She wrote: I have encountered a real-life demon and devil incarnate,when you hear stories like the demonic human being killed their own brother ,you switch to denial mood .

I and my family got shot the evil arrow ,My son almost lost his life ,no thanks to this devilish human being that called herself my friend,all sorts of evil has been directed towards my family .

Be careful who you invite your home ,a demon came into our lives but we are victorious .

This experience will shape my life but will NEVER change who I am ,I’ll forever be good to who deserves it .


My name is Mrs Nimi Nwofor ,A blessed day to you all.

The blogger wrote: I feel sorry for those who weren’t brought up and trained on how to be on their own happily without Naija kind of bestie. You remember when BFF was in vogue on Naija Instagram street? Oloshos took that advantage and sneaked into married women’s home to fix their husbands.

Some took the advantage to feck pastors…people like Nkechi the fabric seller feck that Abuja pastor during that time. And auntie Medlinboss Kai! Auntie Medi wasn’t left behind their BFF made so many women searched for a woman to tag Twinnie. Las Las auntie Medi has achieved her aim. I mean…who in their right senses will allow women like medlinboss into their marital home?

Especially if you have financial active spouse. Nimi is “I haven’t a clue” kind of pushover and all she wants is to dress up and follow follow. She can’t stay without gang of loose women and all those women always target her husband. Don’t allow BFF to become your fellow wife. Learn how to be ok with just your family. Stop letting in agwo na akpi into your homes


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