I did you a favour in the past- Halima Abubakar calls out Linda Ikeji, warns her

I did you a favour in the past- Halima Abubakar calls out Linda Ikeji, warns her

Actress Halima Abubuakar has issued stern warning to popular blogger and businesswoman, Linda Ikeji, over the post Linda made about her on her blog.

Since the Nollywood actress’s return to social media, she has been dragging her colleagues and anyone who pitched a tent with her archenemy.

Recall that this month of September saw Halima Abubakar opening up a can of worms about her relationship with a clergyman, Apostle Johnson Suleman, and her senior colleague, Shan George.

Reopening their feud, Halima Abubakar shared screenshots of an alleged chat between Shan George and the clergyman.

In the chat, Apostle was inquiring if Halima had evidence against her, and Shan George replied that the actress isn’t smart enough to keep one.

Blowing hot at Shan George, she questioned why the actress was after her.

Halima noted how Shan George spread false rumors that she had cancer four years ago. However, Shan George apologized for it.

Halima Abubakar threatened to spill more about her relationship with the clergyman.

In another post, Halima advised the actress to quit defending him as she would regret her actions.

Noting how the actress has kids, Halima stated that the Apostle would do Shan George worst. Read more here.

Like many news outlets, Linda Ikeji covered the news, however, Halima Abubakar was left displeased with the way the blogger covered hers.

Halima Abubakar insinuated that Linda Ikeji was being paid to paint her in a bad light.

Halima went on to remind Linda of the favor she did for her.

Taking to her Instagram story, she wrote,

“Dear Linda Ikeji sup Linda? You good? Ok straight to the point dear, pls Linda, if you don’t post my story on ur IG, pls don’t post it on ur blog. You picked a side already…why posting codedly? I did u favor in d past Linda. Let’s keep that energy. Keep doing ur pr gyal. Aiit mad at that”.


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