I Can Forgive, Take Back A Cheating Partner – Chinenye Uyanna

I Can Forgive, Take Back A Cheating Partner – Chinenye Uyanna

Popular Nigerian actress, Chinenye Uyanna has stated her position on infidelity in relationships. For the movie star, she is ready and willing to forgive her man if he cheats.

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In a recent interview with Saturday Sun, she said: “Yes, I can forgive and take back my partner that cheated on me. It all depends on understanding. Besides, I am no longer single. I might even be married already

I don’t like bringing my private issues to social media. In fact, it is not OK to bring your private life to social media.

 I mean people won’t destroy what they don’t know about. These days men have been crying out over paternity fraud, for me, they should subscribe to whatever that gives them peace of mind.

 If they ask their partner for a DNA test, I don’t see a problem there. It’s for everyone’s good, And I believe it will reduce some future marriage problems.”

As a popular face, Chinenye Uyanna, an Economics and Political science graduate says fame hasn’t deprived her of anything yet, she still lives her normal life despite her celebrity status.

“Fame hasn’t deprived me of anything. I can still do whatever I want and go where ever I want to go. Nothing can deprive me of anything especially my freedom to do whatever I like.

 My best achievement so far is actualizing my goal in life as an actor. As an actor when people recognize my work, I feel so happy,” she asserted.


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