Healthy Looking Olu Jacobs Pays His Wife A Surprise Visit On A Movie Set [VIDEO]

Healthy Looking Olu Jacobs Pays His Wife A Surprise Visit On A Movie Set [VIDEO]

Veteran actor Olu Jacobs has paid his wife and some other actors a surprising visit on a movie set and it’s just lovely to see him on his feet once again.

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The veteran actor has been ill for a while now and even hasn’t been to a movie set for a very long time but this video shows that he’s doing well with his health since he has been able to surprise his wife and all those on the movie set.

Olu Jacobs looks so slim and it’s clear the sickness made him lose a lot of weight as he was very good-looking and quite heavy when the sickness began and old age also set in making him lose a lot of weight as we see.

Olu Jacobs was one of the vibrant Nollywood actors that almost everyone loved him and his acting prowess but because of sickness and old age, he hasn’t been seen on a movie set let alone in a movie but it’s good to know he’s looking fine.

We can’t say for sure that his health is better now but looking at him and how happy he was laughing with his wife and the others on the movie set, we’re sure he’s recovering very fast and it’s a very good thing for him and all those who love him.

Netizens reacting to the video were all talking about how slim he looks and the amount of weight he has lost but with all that put aside, we can say Olu Jacobs being able to step out from his house is a very good step in the right direction.


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