Gifty Powers Discloses Why She Can’t Wait For Social Media To Be Shut Down Totally

Gifty Powers Discloses Why She Can’t Wait For Social Media To Be Shut Down Totally

Reality TV star, Gifty Brian Onyechukwu Ajumobi who is known as Gifty Powers has revealed that she can’t wait for social media to shut down completely.

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The ironic part of this is that she made this known in a recent post she made on her verified social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

She gave some reasons to buttress her claim adding that social media has caused more harm than good.

The post she made reads;


“I can’t wait for SOCIAL MEDIA to be shut down totally.

It’s causing more harm than any other. Everybody wants to wear a fitted coat.

Everybody wants to get in the front line. Everyone is packaging just for this same social media.

Youngsters killing people just to be successful in life.

So-called mentors/idols having numerous sugar daddies and coming on social media to write shitty things like “it’s God’s grace”… phyuk you and that dis-grace.

Youngsters faking it till they make it (keep faking until you lose that big opportunity).People finding their answers on google and faking it like its their idea.

So called transgender wearing makeup and borrowing their friend’s clothes just to prove shitty act.

I could go on and on… Look, Don’t be deceived.

I wish not to call names, and yes my chest is full but I will not use it.Everything you see on social media is fake.

People can go to any length just to post a cute picture on their page.There is a history behind every picture being posted.

Don’t kill yourself over things you can not handle.There is time for every season in your life.Chill… your shine will come.

For in every season, there is a test, and from every test, there is a TESTIMONY.”


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