FFK Ex-Wife Begs For Her Kids On Social Media

FFK Ex-Wife Begs For Her Kids On Social Media

Precious Chikwendu, the estranged wife of former Minister of Aviation Femi Fani Kayode, as she demands access to her children.

Precious Chikwendu, in a lengthy post shared on her Instagram page, laments bitterly about being deprived of seeing her kids.

The former beauty queen said a right-thinking parent would do what is suitable for their kids regardless of the relationship or ties to a partner who has a right to peace.

Precious Chikwendu said that Fani Kayode’s act of denying the children their mother, who is alive, hale and sane, speaks volumed about him.

She added that if Fani Kayode had a soul, he would not subject their children to such emotional damage that is also a disservice to him.

She wrote:

“Whoever carries even one of these adorable as long as to term loves that soul deeply enough to keep and raise him as well , let alone multiple.

A right thinking parent would do what is right for their kids regardless of relationships or ties to a partner who by the way has a right to peace or even call it self determination like you often preached in the past.

Denying these adorable ones their rights to their mother who is very alive, hale and sane, contrary to what you would like to portray so badly says a lot. It is not about you or I ?

As we are adults who would both live out our time and be gone . These amazing ones, have a full life ahead and you shape them like this? If this is all about pinching me into hurting, you’ve lost already .

I’m an adult who can cushion so much but these lovely tender ones, can they ???? This emotional damage you are doing to them is also a disservice to yourself. I hear you finally let them go to school after one year because I came at you on that .

Nice Now what would you tell them when their mates raises conversations about their mother during family tree classes? It indeed is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Do you have a soul?”


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