Exposed! Why Jane Mena Keep Losing All Her Pregnancy

Exposed! Why Jane Mena Keep Losing All Her Pregnancy

Controversial anonymous Instagram blogger Gislover has alleged that the infidelity of famous Instagram dancer Jane Mena is why she keeps losing her pregnancy.

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This is coming after the blogger released an alleged voice note of Prince Kpokpogri in a phone conversation with a lady, bragging how much he loves engaging in s3x with Jane Mena even after their breakup.

In the voice note Prince Kpokpogri said: “Each time I think of her (Jane) my preeq dey raise. I dey get strong erection. Me and the girl (Jane) we don do dirty s 3 x, different kind of s 3 x wey e be say.

She confessed that nobody has done it to her the way handled her. She said her husband who she has been dating for 9 years never handled her the way I did.

Me and Jane we fit dey house from morning till night dey f**k. She no dey tire. If we tire, we rest and continue. Na she marry her husband, no be the guy marry am.

However, the blogger has apologized to Jane Mena‘s husband for releasing the voice note, but he must see the truth.

According to the blogger, Jane Mena‘s alleged infidelity is why she keeps losing her pregnancy but lies to the husband that it is due to her dance.

The blogger added that Jane Mena‘s husband had warned her against dancing which she stopped for a few days and later resumed.

The blogger wrote: Dear Jane Mena husband, I am sorry you are going through this but it’s good you see the truth, this is not the first pregnancy Jane is losing, she lost one sometimes back due to this her waka waka.

Her excuse to you then was that she dance a lot which stressed the pregnancy and made her lost it, you told her to stop twerking for a while but she listen for few days and resumed work later.

Ask her of her contact losing of pregnancy, my brother you be Alora guy, Alora guys are not weakling, Kpokpogri must hear am for this one wey him do.

Normal Normal, na fine boys association them Alora dey call themselves but you don’t cheat on them and go with your complete teeth. Jane has a lot of questions to answer but I no cause fight, I move in peace. Other married women for Asaba and Abuja wey kpokpo dey nack no safe as una puna don put una for wahala


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