“Desperation is the quickest route for a loser” BBNaija’s Maria Chike throws shades at Beatrice

“Desperation is the quickest route for a loser” BBNaija’s Maria Chike throws shades at Beatrice

Reality TV star, Maria Chike Benjamin has thrown a subtle shade at her co reality star, Beatrice Agba Nwaji for the unneeded drama she created between them.

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On Thursday’s night episode of the reunion, the ball was in Beatrice’s court as she aired her displeasure over how controlling Maria was while in the house.

Beatrice called Maria “controlling” for asking her to buckle her shoes and get her water while she was in the house.

“She was really controlling. I don’t like things like that. I don’t want her to control me… The facts is I don’t like Maria”.

Surprisingly things escalated between the two and took a different turn when Beatrice shaded marrying for sleeping with a married man.

Beatrice called Maria a husband snatcher and Maria who wasn’t hear for the constant insults over her relationship hit back at her.

She simply asked Beatrice how many men she has been with since they left the house and rather for Beatrice to answer her question, she decided to pull off a Will Smith by attacking Maria.

Fortunately, housemates held her down and tried to calm the situation from turning messier.

Maria said, “I’ve been with just one man for years, how many have you been with since you left the show?”.

Addressing Beatrice’s dislike for her, Maria said, “I’d you actually dislike me, maybe it’s insecurity”.

Maria added that she thought Beatrice’s personality in the house seemed confusing to her so she just shut her out in her mind.

Breaking her silence on what could have been a replica of Will Smith and Chris Rock’s infamous slap, Maria Chike Benjamin indirectly denoted that Beatrice was desperate.

According to her, desperation is the quickest route for a person who lost all things.

“Desperation when access is denied is the quickest route for a loser”.


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