Customs Retains Nigerian Basketball Team Kits With 17 Days To Olympics

Customs Retains Nigerian Basketball Team Kits With 17 Days To Olympics

The Nigerian Customs Service continues to withhold the kits meant for the Nigeria Basketball teams at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo scheduled for Friday July 23rd 2021.

According to an official of the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF), the Nigerian Customs has asked them to pay a sum of 35 million naira in order for their kits and other sports equipment to be cleared.

The said kits were said to have been donated to the Nigerian basketball teams by Peak Milk (China) but the Customs had held on to them at the port for three months now.

The official said: These sports equipment are donations from Peak Milk in China and it actually arrived in Lagos about three months ago.

The Nigerian Customs Service said we should pay N35 million to clear them.

We wrote for a waiver to the Ministry of Finance through the Sports Ministry, but nothing has come out of it.

As I said, the sports equipment was a donation from Peak Milk in China and we even forwarded the letter written by the company to the Customs, but they won’t listen to us.

Where did they expect us to get such huge amount of money to clear the Kits? Beside, it was a donation to us and the Custom Service should understand us.

Our players need the kits at the Tokyo Olympics.

This devastating news is coming less than three weeks to the commencement of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan in which the Nigeria Football Teams did not qualify for.


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