Chacha Eke hints on reuniting with ex-husband, Austin Faani months after announcing split [Video]

Actress, Chacha Eke has declared her intention of reuniting with her estranged husband, Austin Faani.

The thespian made this disclosure during an Instagram live session where she entertained a series of questions from her fans and followers.

Recall that Chacha Eke had caused a stir on social media a few months back after she took to her Instagram page to announce the end of her marriage to Austin Faani.

Chacha Eke had stated that it was better to live at that moment than to leave as a corpse. The movie star affirmed that she had been in trouble in her ‘perceived paradise’ hence the split.

It is important to note that this became the second time Chacha Eke made such an announcement concerning her marriage.

She had done something similar a few years back but reunited with her hubby after revealing that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

However, at the beginning of the live session, Chacha Eke attempted to shy away from questions pertaining to her marriage while stating that it will be a story for another day.

But in the course of her interaction with fans, she seemingly opened up about reuniting with her ex-husband.

Chacha Eke was forced to speak after fans asked why she still had her husband’s name, Faani on her Instagram page. They went on to suggest whether she had plans on going back.

Replying, Chacha Eke avowed that the name is still on her IG page because it needs to be there. She claimed that social media users wouldn’t understand the whole saga.

She also affirmed that she would be going by to her marriage at the appropriate time as she’s patiently waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

The mother of four also spoke on how social media has helped and created more problems for her especially due to her health condition.

According to Chacha Eke, there are some times she gets affected, and instead of taking her medications and relaxing, she sees herself lashing out on social media, which sometimes causes some irreparable damage.


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