Blac Chyna gives her life to Christ, gets baptized on her birthday

Blac Chyna gives her life to Christ, gets baptized on her birthday

American socialite and former stripper, Blac Chyna says she is now born again.

The mother-of-two got baptized on her birthday, May 11, 2022.

The reality star is ready for a fresh life despite her ongoing court cases, which include charges that she asssaaaulted a lady in a pub.

Taking to her verified Instagram page, she shared a video of her baptism as she claims she’s now a born again and intends to start afresh now she’s given her life to Christ.

Meanwhile2 Reality TV Star Bamike Olawunmi Adenibuyan better known as Bambam has spoken on some of her challenges as a new mother.

The mother of two who welcomed her new baby in the month of March opened up on dealing with postpartum depression and her new size.

She opened up on her struggles during an interview with media personality Stephanie Coker.

She revealed that she was dragged on social media for her plus size, explaining that she had to develop a tough skin to handle the criticisms.

However, she said her husband, Teddy A loves his women big hence he did not make her feel bad on her body weight.

She said, “They came for my jogular. They said a lot of nasty things and one day I was just like who are you people, who give una mind to talk to me anyhow. You guys are inexistence. I said I was going to go through this when I am ready to hop and snap back. Before my second baby, I had lost some weights.

“I used to be size 8 and I went from that to size 14 to 16 (after pregnancy). I didn’t expect it, but thank God, Teddy like is women big so he never made me feel bad about it”.


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