BBNaija: “Bryann always fighting with women” reactions as Bryann and Amaka fight

BBNaija: “Bryann always fighting with women” reactions as Bryann and Amaka fight

Amaka and Bryann got into a heated argument last night, after their pool party in the big brother naija house.

He told Amaka she doesn’t have emotional intelligence, Amaka fired back at Bryann, telling him he is dumb and always enjoy fighting with women.

Watch the VIDEO below:

Most online users criticised Bryann for always fighting with female housemates.

Read few comments below:

@smply_wealth: Thought am d only dat notice dat😂 dont know pple sef know😂😂😂. e go dey exchange word with woman, like say na woman nd woman dey fight. Abeggi😒

@my_nameis_special: Kai no wonder no woman wants Bryan…. He’s talks anyhow.

@aphrodite_masob: When they say Braynn will win I just 😂😂 Braynn always fighting with women, he fought with two evicted housemates the third woman he is fighting with now is Amaka.

@genevieveezinnekerians: Bryan is right I don’t care wat happened Amaka jealousy cuz Bryan’s team won you won pour your anger want to play pity game is not going to work. Bryan for the money 😂

 @faithposh5493: Fighting wit women nd later go nd apologize,,very good strategy a phool like him will fall for,,not buying fóolishness

@allurebytolu: Let him argue with woman, when the only sibling you have is a female then you tend to act like them 😂😂😂 I don’t have any issues with his argument with the ladies nah we women dey like fight before nah😂🙄. I love him anyways

@ifygod22: Bryann don dey talk nonsense bcoz modella is there.. when his hungry now he will remember Amaka.. Amaka go cook and give he.. he go open his mouth and eat… But most he always fight with ladies 😂

@prettybigpresh: so because am a girl boys shouldn’t confront me when am wrong, Amaka always do this shit when she’s up for eviction, u can’t blackmail me emotionally because u don’t fuck with me, she’s smart and that fact, And guess what am always fighting with men that makes me and Bryann the same


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