BBN Angel Bags First Brand Ambassadorial Deal

BBN Angel Bags First Brand Ambassadorial Deal

Reality TV star Angel Agnes Smith, has signed her first deal with a skincare brand, Jenny’s Glow skincare.

Taking to her Instagram page, Angel announced that she’s now one of the brand ambassadors for Jenny’s Glow skincare.

Her endorsement deal with Jenny’s Glow skincare is worth N9.2M, according to a source.

Angel wrote:

“Beautiful skin begins with exceptional skincare.”

Mad to announce that I am the newest ambassador of @jennysglownigeria, the organic BEST skincare brand, hands down!

“Looking to achieve flawless skin? Whatever your complexion is, Jennysglow has got you! They sell the absolute best organic skincare products for all skin types.

My arch Angels, I want you all to follow their IG page @jennysglownigeria and flood their website with our orders in 3, 2, 1!!


Hairstylist @SlayedbyAjey

Make up @tomi_aina

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Wig- @malliaworld

Stylist- @princessdaprada

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