AY Celebrates Nadia Buari with Old Video and Photo As She Turns a Year Older

AY Celebrates Nadia Buari with Old Video and Photo As She Turns a Year Older

Ace Comic actor AY has celebrated the birthday of actress Nadia Buari with some old video and photo that will crack you up wishing her all the best in the years to come.

Yesterday was the birthday of Nadia Buari but AY Comedian is celebrating her today because of some one or two in relating to his new movie Christmas in Maimi even though he lied that he wanted to do something outside the normal.

AY Comedian poured Nadia Buari with some sweet words telling how special she is but what got out attention was a particular photo and video he shared while celebrating her and it got almost everyone laughing.

AY Comedian shared an old video of he doing Tik Tok with Nadia Buari in bed and all of a sudden her husband woke up and knowing Nadia who has always kept her family off social media, she quickly end the video to prevent her husband being seen on social media.

Meanwhile Billionaire Disc Jockey DJ Cuppy has reveals that she wants to retire at the age of 35 and that is the main reason why she’s working so hard despite the fact that she can live on her father’s wealth.

There’s no doubt that DJ Cuppy is one of the hardworking female celebrities we have and despite the fact that her father has money and connections which sometimes help her, she has decided to build her own empire as well and that’s why she’s working so hard.

Even though she doesn’t sing well, she’s doing well as an artists and as a DJ, we all know she’s doing very well with that.

She recently opened a new collection of hers which we guess is doing really well and some other things on her own.


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