Anthony Joshua Spotted with Mystery Woman in Dubai (PHOTO)

Anthony Joshua Spotted with Mystery Woman in Dubai (PHOTO)

Celebrity Heavyweight boxer, Anthony Joshua has been spotted with a mysterious girl in Dubai, shattering the hearts of millions across the world.

Joshua has managed to keep his private life under wraps away from the public eye as very little is known about his dating life aside his profession.

The boxing champion and the mysterious woman were photographed appearing very friendly and at ease with one another.

The mystery woman was spotted sitting in a comfortable position on Anthony Joshua’s thighs as they posed for shots in a snapshot that has now gone viral.

While some feel it’s just a random snapshot or that it’s been edited, others assume she’s Joshua‘s love interest.

Anthony Joshua Spotted with Mystery Woman in Dubai (PHOTO)

In other news Celebrity Businesswoman, Laura Ikeji has lost her cool and serves it hot after a follower gave her polite order on her page.

Laura Ikeji had shared a video showing off her newly made-up face and with a new hairstyle and a follower identified as @okaforKaycee politely ordered her to get out.

Reacting to the follower, Laura Ikeji said she is not the type of person who likes to fight others as her only goal is to make money and have fun on the space and she wondered why someone who she has not wronged or said anything about will tell her to get out of her own page.

She angrily ordered OkaforKaycee to back to the post and delete the comment because she does not want trouble.


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