Angry Liquorose, Walked Out Of Talent Show over a Joke about Her Failed Relationship [Video]

Angry Liquorose, Walked Out Of Talent Show over a Joke about Her Failed Relationship [Video]

first runner up of Big Brother Naija ‘shine ya eyes’ edition, Liquorose couldn’t withstand the insensitive joke thrown at her and her ex-boyfriend, Emmanuel Umoh.

It is no longer news that Liquorose and Emmanuel left their shippers heartbroken after disclosing the saddening events that led to their final separation.

During the reunion show, Liquorose and Emmanuel thrashed their issues. The duo revealed the shocking incidents that led to their breakup.

Although there were already speculations that Liquorose and Emmanuel were no longer together before the reunion show, the news was confirmed after they both asserted that they were done with each other.

In a new development, Liquorose was left irritated and annoyed after an insensitive joke was made about her failed relationship.

The reality star was a judge on a talent show where two comedians poked fun at her failed relationship.

Liquorose, who couldn’t withstand it, walked out of the show.

This has stirred reactions on social media as many took her side.

One Mr Ademola Daniel Bashir, “This is wrong and disrespectful, she loved a man, she didn’t do any wrong, turning a heart break into a joke is terrible!!

One Marian Dike wrote, “Turning someone’s heartache into a joke, ain’t funny just because their affair was highly publicized. At what point do we draw the lines?? Smh these wanna be comedians should do better

One Victory Omigbai wrote, “Good she did just as she should. Dry joke!

One Kaidi_Nma, “There is a tiny line between love and hate”

This isn’t the first time such insensitive joke has been made on the reality star.


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