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Dave – “We’re All Alone in this Together” Ft. Wizkid, Stormy, BOJ

Ubiquitous  |  Jul 24, 2021

[Album] Dave – “We’re All Alone In This Together” ft. Wizkid, Stormy, Boj
Dave – “We’re All Alone in this Together” Ft. Wizkid, Stormy, BOJ

UK artist, Dave drops his second studio album – Were All Alone In This Together Featuring Wizkid and BOJ

Santan Dave release a brand new project titled “Were All Alone In This Together“, An Album that consist of 12 tracks and explore new African and UK sounds.

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Its perhaps fitting that Daves second album opens with the familiar flicker and countdown of a movie projector sequence.

Its title was handed to him by iconic film composer Hans Zimmer in a FaceTime chat, and Were All Alone in This Together sets evocative scenes that laud the power of being able to determine your future.

On his 2019 debut PSYCHODRAMA, the Streatham rapper revealed himself to be an exhilarating, genre-defying artist attempting to extricate himself from the hazy whirlwind of his own mind.

Two years on, Daves work feels more ambitious, more widescreen, and doubles down on his superpowerthat ability to absorb perspectives around him within his otherworldly rhymes and ideas.

He’s addressing deeply personal themes from a sharp, shifting lens. My lifes full of plot holes, he declares on Were All Alone. And Im filling them up.

As it has been since his emergence, Dave is skilled, mature and honest enough to both lay bare and uplift the Black British experience.

In the Fire recruits four sons of immigrant UK families Fredo, Meekz, Giggs and Ghetts (all uncredited, all lending incendiary bars) and closes on a spirited Dave verse touching on early threats of deportation and homelessness. With these moments in the can, the earned boasts of rare kicks and timepieces alongside Stormzy for Clash are justified moments of relief from past struggles.

And these loose threads tie together on Three Riversa sombre, piano-led track that salutes the contributions of Britains Windrush generation and survivors of war-torn scenarios, from the Middle East to Africa.

In exploring migrationand the questions it asks of us Dave is inevitably led to his Nigerian heritage. Lagos newcomer BOJ puts down a spirited, instructional hook in Yoruba for Lazarus, while Wizkid steps in to form a smooth double act on System.

Twenty to One, meanwhile, is Toosie Slide catchy and precedes Heart Attack arguably the showstopper at 10 minutes and loaded with blistering home truths on youth violence.

On PSYCHODRAMA Dave showed how music was his private sanctuary from a life studded by tragedy.

Were All Alone in This Together suggests that relationship might have changed.

Dave is now using his platform to share past pains and unique stories of migration in times of growing isolation.

This music keeps himand usconnected.


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