Actress Nkechi Blessing Loses Her Mother

Actress Nkechi Blessing Loses Her Mother

Actress Nkechi Blessing has been hit with the cold hands of death snatching her mother away from her and it’s all a heartbroken situation now.

Toyin Abraham also requested that we remember them in our prayers and we all know Nkechi Blessing and her family will need our prayers in this trying time in order to be strong for themselves and pass-through this trying hour.

According to a post by her colleague Toyin Abraham, Nkechi has lost her mother and even though she herself hasn’t said anything about it, we know she’s heartbroken because it’s not easy to lose someone close to you.

Looking at Nkechi Blessing it’s obvious her mother is a bit old but no matter how old a relative or loved one is, the sadness it comes with over their death has nothing to do with the age and we guess it’s the same with our dear sister and her family.

Our deepest condolence to Nkechi Blessing and we pray the good Lord to protect her and her family as He gives them the strength to pull through this sad moment in their lives as it’s not easy to mourn someone you love.


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