4 Takeaways From Burna Boy's Interview On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

Burna Boy Interview Trevor Noah

Burna Boy, who is currently in New York for his One Night In Space concert, had an interview with Trevor Noah where they had a lot to discuss.

In a recent interview with Trevor Noah, the Africa Giant Burna Boy revealed what it is like to have his mother as his manager and how it was recording the Grammy award-winning album ‘Twice As Tall’ amongst other important details.

We summarised a list of the top five things we learnt from the insightful and hilarious interview the superstar had with the comedian.

How He Recorded And Produced ‘African Giant’ During The Pandemic

Trevor Noah had been interested in discovering how Burna Boy had produced the Grammy award-winning album ‘African Giant’ during the pandemic on zoom.

Damini had been quick to explain that most of the decisions and finalizations had been made with the help of zoom. He stated that they did not record the songs on zoom, but the song selections had been made with zoom aid.

He stated:

It’s not like Zoom has a recording studio. It was basically the laptop with all the parties involved and while we are making music and stuff, everyone was like “this is the song we have to choose,”

Burna Boy Interview Trevor NoahBurna Boy and Angelique KidjoHow He Felt Recording Songs With The Biggest Names In The Music Business

Burna Boy described how he felt working with major names in the music industry like Angelique Kidjo, Chris Martin, and so on as weird. Burna said he could not believe that he could work with the people he used to watch on television while growing up.

He stated:

These are people that I watched on TV when I was in pampers. You know? Like seeing them in real life and actually making music with them and getting the love sometimes it feels kind of weird.

Burna Boy and Bose Ogulu (Mama Burna)What Is Like To Have His Mum As His Manager

Burna had described his experience of having his mum as his manager as evenly balanced, and he jokingly stated that whenever she felt that this should be the way things should be done, she makes him believe he is the one making the decision and not her.

It’s not all peaches and roses, but it’s a lot of food and that makes me happy .

When To Expect A New Album

The African Giant is one artist that never disappoints when it comes to music which was why Trevor Noah was quick to ask the question as to when his sixth studio album would be released. The African Giant himself, who is also one never to disappoint, provided the most Burna Boy like answer, which was:

It’s going to come out on a day everyone celebrates for themselves when it’s their own day. 

It’s not what you do. It’s not everybody in the world that has a job you know. But this, everybody, has it. Everybody has a day to celebrate.”

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